Official Map of Glorwing

As commissioned by the Mage Council

Glorwing is a continent in the world of Wilwarin.

It is a large land mass surrounded by many islands, most which are yet to be explored. There are mountain ranges, lakes, forests and plains.

Those who have settled here have created several city-states. Humans have built cities and towns such as Port Sunrise and Crescent Bay while the Elves congregate mainly around the Darkwoods. To the north dwarves have founded Blacksilver.

Travel between cities follow established trade routes, Bold adventurers often seek to blaze new paths but face the dangers of the unknown in doing so. The risk is great but so are the rewards for experienced adventurers.

For those new to adventuring, jobs can be found to help you hone your skills. For instance, the clerk in Port Sunrise always has some tasks to be done if you only ask. The pay is equal to the quest and gains you good experience along the way as well as a chance to meet those who are also learning their craft.

Most townfolk are friendly and most towns have an inn to grab some food and drink or to rest in a bed for the night. But be cautious when entering some areas; not all are friendly. You'll most likely know which are which as soon as folks lay eyes on you.

So welcome, adventurer. Riches and Glory await those brave enough to dare. Are you ready? Come, take your first step into your destiny!